Macbook Pro 2016

Macbook Pro 2016 update sports still LPDDR3 RAM memory, in 8GB or 16GB size, and 1866 or 2133 MHz CL11 or CL12. Frankly I’m furious that a 2300£ (starting from) laptop still uses a 9 years old standard, while a newer one is available since more than a year. Already the Skylake processor is a setback, but the DDR3 memory on a Intel graphics laptop is practically a scam. Dell XPS15 offers better specs since June, in roughly the same size.

MacPro’s FirePro cards are actually a Radeon?

Today I learned about the new MacPro (2013 model) and the associated D300, D500, D700 graphic cards, that are compared over and over with Firepro W series (W7000, W8000 and W9000) by professional reviewers, thus making the MacPro 3500$ and rising price tag sound like a gift (FirePro W cards go from 500 to 1500 $ each).

To my knowledge, the difference between professional (ATI FirePro and NVidia Quadro) and consumer (ATI Radeon and NVidia GeForce) graphic cards is not in number or clock of processors or memory (the architecture is exactly the same, for example, for ATI Radeon 7970 and Firepro W9000 and D700 but the first cost one third of the second for the reason below), but :